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Since 2004 White Zulu has specialised in services including compliance administration in skills development, employment equity and BBBEE. We serve clients in various sectors e.g. Transport and Logistics, Finance and Accounting, Services, ICT,  Manufacturing and Engineering. Our “custom-craft” solutions meets the challenges of employment compliance and practice.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strategy development

  • SETA Administration, Facilitation and Project Management, workplace skills planning and reporting

  • Grant/Funding Applications and Contract Management

  • Employment Equity Planning and Reporting (vacancy forecasting)

  • Public Commentary with reference to published gazettes

  • BBBEE Support, including verification preparation

  • Road Freight and Freight Forwarding and Clearing B-BBEE sector codes negotiation with DTi

  • Benefits and Incentives Calculator: SARS and other Incentive and Benefit integration (linked to transformation imperatives)

  • Recruitment of unemployed candidates

  • Abafundi Be White Zulu: Hosting clients unemployed candidates within Host Employer workplaces (off site solution) and subsequent permanent placement post completion.

  • Compliance Solutions linked to BBBEE Skills Development (including bonus points and tracking of unemployed candidates), Employment Equity, B-BBEE audits and Y.E.S. Targets

  • Faculty with Da Vinci Institute of Technology (private university): Higher Certificate Transformation Through Employer Compliance NQF 5 (can be implemented as Bursary (Category A) or as a Learnership (Category D)




We recruit nationally! Our recruitment strategies meet sector specific BBBEE scorecard requirements as well as Employment Equity numerical targets and goals.


Recruitment is a primary focus and includes possibilities for benefits and incentives and alignment to meet YES Target requirements. We further specialise in recruiting against absolute and relative scarce skills to meet national targets. Our interest is to assist with creating opportunities for the unemployed.

SETA Specialist Services


Since 2004 White Zulu sat around on the stoeps and steps of SETAs, making friends and facilitating skills development and SETA submissions across sectors. We maintain healthy SETA organisational profiles resulting in other SETA related benefits.

The Skills Development Levies Act of 1999 established a compulsory levy scheme (1% of the payroll) for the purpose of funding education and training as envisaged in the Skills Development Act of 1998. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) together with the various Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) are responsible for administering the Act, while SARS is responsible for the collection of levies.


Our best staff and associates are chartered to design empowerment solutions meeting individual organisations needs. Our subsidiary vehicles were established to drive top scores. The deadline to achieve financial targets is on or before the end of your financial year.

White Zulu engages only the best to advise and provide input to your business strategy for economic empowerment and the recognition that is related. Currently, White Zulu has NO client with non-compliant BBBEE status.


Employment Equity on-line reporting is due 15 January. We assist in planning, reporting, setting targets and maintaining healthy employee profiles. Our strategy includes a 10 step plan to meet full compliance.

Employment Equity compliance is a key focus for White Zulu. In order to support our clients, we customise our solutions and assistance to fit your needs. We offer assistance in setting up of your structure, knowledge building at all levels, full compliance individual and group training, on-line reporting, target setting as well as BBBEE Management Control Calculations.

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