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What is a Hosted Learnership?

A Hosted Learnership is a partnership between two companies, whereby one company (the lead employer) funds the Learnership programme, and the other company (the host employer) provides the workplace facility and dedicated mentors to assist and guide learners through their journey.


The end outcome is enabled learners that can affectively apply their newly gained knowledge and experience.


Training Provider Responsibilities

  • Contractually agrees to employ those learners for a specified period of time.

  • They are the learners’ primary employer and responsible for the full employment relationship.

The Lead Employer

The Host Employer

  • Contractually agrees to provide the learners with an appropriate and equipped workplace.

  • Their HR policies and workplace procedures will apply to the learners during this time.

Host Employer Responsibilities

  • Provide the learner with appropriate practical training and work experience in order to achieve the relevant outcomes required by the learnership.

  • Provide a compatible workplace facility to help the learners (abled and disabled) effectively apply their learning outcomes.

  • Induct the learners into their workplace, educate them on terms and conditions of employment and workplace policies and procedures.

  • Release learners for their training interventions.

  • Allocate experienced mentors to support and supervise the learners to achieve their workplace goals.

  • Keep records and provide feedback to the learner and other parties.

  • Induct new learners into the training programme.

  • Provide the necessary training at the agreed upon location (normally the host company).

  • Assign a Project Coordinator to manage and the successful implementation of the programme and to provide the host and sponsor with sufficient information and guidance.

  • Assign a Learner Coordinator to engage with and support the learners.

  • Provide regular reports and updates to keep track of the learners’ progress.

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